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About Timber Croc

The Timber Croc is designed and manufactured in Ireland.

Being chainsaw users ourselves, the idea for the Timber Croc came about through an awareness of the horrific dangers and accidents associated with log cutting. We wanted to design and manufacture a product that would not only eliminate many of these dangers but also make it easy and efficient to use. The Timber Croc can securely and automatically hold most shapes, sizes, lengths and weights of timber, planks, posts and pallets. It does away with the dangerous practice of another person holding the log or putting a foot on the log, an accident waiting to happen; or any straps, chains or manual “holding devices”.


Our Professional Team

Timber Croc is an Irish based company. We have three products in our range but our flagship product is our Timber Croc Log Holder. We have a patent for our sawhorse in Ireland, England, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland.

Safety First

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More about us

We have been manufacturers for more than 10 years

Over 50 000 produced units so far and many more products to come.

When used in a timber environment, the Timber Croc makes cutting logs a one person operation. So work smarter not harder with the Timber Croc range. If you’re looking to make your life easier when cutting timber, then look no further and invest in this fully self-adjusting log holder. .

Frequently Asked Questions

The Timber Croc is designed and manufactured in Grange, Enfield, Co Meath, Ireland and is a family run business.

No it will not move laterally or spin. Due to the downward pressure created when cutting timber with your chainsaw. The bottom teeth of the croc and plated top teeth which span over the top of the log holds it in a secure position when cutting.

The Timber Croc will hold whatever one person is physically able to lift. Although we don’t recommend lifting anything over 20kg.

The Timber Croc Log Holder weighs 20kg which is over twice the weight of other log holding products in the marketplace. Due to our plated multiple teeth system (patented) and use of high quality steel it is longer lasting and extra strong.

In our opinion it is better than all other products as there are no chains, clamps or any adjustments needed with the Timber Croc Log Holder. It’s been designed to allow the user to work at hip height so the user in never in a stooped position. Due to its plated teeth system (patented) this makes adjusting the log a one hand motion which is not a feature of any other log holder.

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Download our catalogue.