Timber Croc Tractor Mounted Category 2


The Timber Croc 3 Point Link Category 2 is suitable for linkage on larger tractors.

The Timber Croc 3 Point Link Category 2 is extra heavy duty and suitable for large applications.

The Timber Croc Mounty XHD is extra heavy-duty and suitable for large applications. This product is designed for mounting on the 3 point linkage on category 2 tractors.

The Timber Croc will hold any log from one inch up to twenty-two inches in diameter and holds pallets, fencing posts (ideal for pointing), planks etc.

What makes the Timber Croc Mounty XHD so popular, is that it gives the user the advantage of lowering the linkage on the tractor to allow the pick up of heavier logs, eliminating heavy lifting.

A compact design and weight makes attaching / detaching the Timber Croc from the tractor quick and easy.






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